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Jákup Jacobsen, Jógvan Clementsen, Niclas Olsen, Isaac Giesen

Journey Update!

Unfortunately we have experienced a small setback on our journey, but the expedition continues nonetheless! Sadly, two of our crew members had to leave the expedition due to delays we’ve experienced. Alex and Edmund are therefore no longer part of the Saga crew. We understand their situation, and we are grateful for their contributions. They have been a part of this project from the start, and although we are saddened by their departure, we must finish what we started. Thanks! 

We will continue rowing the world with 4 crew members.

Currently we are in talks with Leven Brown to determine, when we should continue our expedition, so that we have the weather on our side. You will be pleased to hear, that we have donated 200 kilograms of food to refugee children from Senegal in western Africa. This would not be possible without the authorities from Las Palmas, with whom we have established a good connection with.
The mood onboard the Saga craft is really great, despite the departure of our dear friends. Locals in Las Palmas visit us throughout the day constantly, and even more so after we were featured on national television. We have registered well over thousands of visits here in Las Palmas!

In addition, we can proudly announce, that we are ready to receive donations from the Scandinavian region through Mobile Pay, and furthermore from the rest of the world through bank transfer! If you wish to donate, please see the information below regarding your donation method. Thank you in advance to everyone who supports our Charity, and all donations are appreciated! We expect that you will also be able to donate with credit cards by the end of next week!


Mobilepay number: 88527

Bank transfer: Reg: 0111 6287 270 753 (Nordea, Denmark)

* We recommend using bank transfer if the donations are larger than 1.000 euros. This is due to the transaction fees that will be applied when using credit cards. If you wish, you may send us an email at [email protected] so that we can give you the recognition and appreciation that you deserve for your contribution! Please note, if you wish to donate the entirety of the funds required to construct a single water well, the amount is 3350 EUR, 4200 USD or 25.000 DKK.


Oh, and here are some pictures from Portual -> Las Palmas! (Believe us, it’s not an easy job to get everyone on the pictures, even in a small boat, especially at the same time! Schedules are quite different for each member, and those who are awake; take picture of those of are awake!)

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