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Worst nightmare – blog #1

The crew onboard SAGA is currently experiencing their worst nightmare when it comes to rowing an ocean. The crew has been preparing for this journey for the past two years, and they expect that the journey should take approximately 2 months to complete. This estimation takes into account bad weather, injuries, damages, etc.
The nightmare which the crew is currently living, is waiting for the right weather. Whether you are climbing mount everest, adventuring to the south pole, or rowing across the Atlantic, you need the weather to be on your side. This could take a day, or it could take 30 days, because the weather is very unpredictable.
The easiest solution would be to postpone our rowing expedition until next year. The issue, however, is that we have no guarantee, that the weather will be any different same time next year. The crew is well prepared, and are willing to wait for better weather. The crew wishes to thank everyone for your support, both at home, as well as at Las Palmas.
Leven Brown is currently monitoring the weather hour by hour, and will let us know immediately if there is a window for our departure. We are looking forward to row again ASAP, and hope the weather will change in the next couple of days. 

We are aware of the fact, that everyone wants to help, and may not fully understand our situation. The greatest support you could give us right now, is to be patient, as we wait for the right time for us to depart from Las Palmas.

Best regards,

The Crew

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