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Jákup Jacobsen, Jógvan Clementsen, Niclas Olsen, Isaac Giesen

Happy Easter, 2200 Nautical Miles from Havana!

The crew onboard Saga wishes everyone a happy easter. This year they celebrated easter in an unusual fashion, compared to what they are used to. Despite finding themselves in the middle of the Atlantic ocean, they can still celebrate easter. Yesterday the crew caught some fish, which they cut into fish filets and thereafter marinated the filets in lemon. According to the crew, their easter meal was delicious.
Currently the crew is almost halfway on their journey, and are roughly 2200 nautical miles from Havana, Cuba. They expect to reach Cuba in roughly 40 nights.
Jákup, Jógvan, Isaac and Niklas send their regards to family and friends. They miss their families and are excited to see everyone again eventually.
They have seen quite a bit of animal wildlife since they left Las Palmas. The last few nights the crew has noticed fish jumping out of the water. These fish were around 5-6 centimeters in size.
You can follow the journey of the Saga crew on facebook, in addition to following their progress on www.rowforwater.org.


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