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Jákup Jacobsen, Jógvan Clementsen, Niclas Olsen, Isaac Giesen

Message from friends

(This is a translation from Faroese to English by our writers. Therefore, some sentences might not fit the original meaning exactly, despite maintaining a coherent text.)

Greetings Jógvan and brave men onboard SAGA

We are following your progress onboard with high excitement. It’s interesting to follow your journey across the Atlantic ocean, and even more so now that you are so close to the finish line. I gather, that you have experienced some issues, which resulted in one man rowing while another is steering. We can see that you are approaching land, and that the Amazon current is to your east now. The small english, french, and dutch islands will be the first islands that you are going to pass in the coming days.
At home the dictionary is chock-full 🔨 , even thicker  than Carl Johan Jensen’s Ó.
So your trip to Haldórsvíkar with Gunnvá will be limited to one week only. 😀😜 
To say a little about the politics, I can tell you that they are bickering as always. Tunnels, homosexuals, passengers, and the farmer of Saksun is angry.
Sambandsflokkurin is close to splitting in two, because Unga Sambandi wishes to grant homosexuals the right to donate blood, which means laws need to change. Ken has been in Denmark for 14 days with the Audi. It seems Niðarivegur is too short. 😀🚘
Dissara-damurnar are asking about you, when is the guy with the beard coming back. 😀
Síladreingirnir are excited, I have steered occasionally. They run, lift weights and do exercises. They have also attended training camp at Selatræ with HR.
Now that you are approaching the Caribbean islands, you must be careful, as to not run into Sir Richard Branson’s halibut line. 🛳 
Cuba is fantastic. Rom (Havana Club) mojito, daiquiri, cigars, coffee, old cars and buildings. Hemingway, Lennon park, Capitolio, and many other things.
Troels Kløvedal write, “To become a late traveller, is something to be.”
Marco Polo, Darwin, Livingstone, are some expeditions, that are alive even to this day. These expeditions stand the test of time, as opposed to becoming a weekend trip to Copenhagen, Edinburgh, Barcelone, which are good nonetheless.
Proceeding onwards, I wish you the best of luck. Send the crew members and Amariel the bird my regards. 🛳  😀😀

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