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Jákup Jacobsen, Jógvan Clementsen, Niclas Olsen, Isaac Giesen

Job is done! – We are in Cuba!

On the 12th of May at 3:50 PM, the SAGA crew finished their historic venture across the Atlantic ocean, setting a record in the process. The crew can at last, after 74 days 6 hours and 40 minutes, proudly claim that they have reached Cuba. They have encountered quite a few obstacles on their expedition, but have persisted through these challenges, and maintained their determination, toughness and bravery until they finished what they started.

-”JOB IS DONE. We have reached Cuba!”, proclaims Jákup Jacobsen over the phone. “Despite the fact that we have not yet set foot on land, we are delighted to be here” says Jákup Jacobsen.

Jákup passes on the regards from each of the crew members, and is excited to step on land and to greet everyone who has come down to greet them at the harbour.

At the moment the crew is stationary at Baracoa harbour, until the immigration officers arrive to take care of all the formalities. They are not allowed to touch Cuban soil until this is sorted. Therefore, the SAGA craft is tied to a buoy in the harbour.

The crew has rowed 4200 nautical miles, which translates into roughly 800.000 strokes of the oars for each crew member onboard. They left Portugal on the 10th of February, and reached Las Palmas on the 23rd of February, where they stayed for 18 days, before leaving for Cuba on the 12th of March.

When we spoke to the crew yesterday, they were experiencing tailwinds, which remained for the duration of the final stretch. It was a resounding success, and the crew says, that their final sprint could not have gone any better. This is also reflected in the pace at which the crew rowed the final stretch.

We want to thank the crew for their incredible undertaking of rowing the Atlantic ocean. Furthermore, we want to thank everyone, who have helped make this happen, as well as the volunteers.



Jákup Jacobsen

Niclas Olsen

Isaac Giesen

Jógvan Clementsen


Rúni Winther Johnsen


Pætur Hjalmar Evensson, Faroese

Jógvan Martin Joensen, English


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