Non-profit organisation providing water to Africa.
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Jákup Jacobsen, Jógvan Clementsen, Niclas Olsen, Isaac Giesen

About us

The Row For Water charity aims to provide clean water facilities to those who don’t have any. To do this, we are collaborating with charities, with whom our interests are aligned, in order to construct and provide said water facilities to the thousands in need. In order to raise awareness for our initiative, we have a tough 6-man crew currently out rowing across the mighty Atlantic ocean. We are hoping that achieving such an incredible feat, will help us get the word out about

Our causes

Currently, our main cause is to provide clean water facilities to Somalia, in collaboration with Horn Aid Africa. Our contribution to this cause entails that we:

  • Build numerous water facilities that will supply thousands of people with clean water.
  • Expand our projects, so that we can make even larger contributions to an even greater amount of people in need elsewhere.
  • Seek collaboration and partnerships with companies, establishments, and social influencers, so that we can reach a broader audience.

Our organisation

We are currently based in Denmark, where we are registered as a non-profit charity organisation. All of our operations are followed strictly by lawmakers, and we strive to accomplish our goal helping thousands of people.

Board members
Jákup Jacobsen, crew and project initiator
Rúni Winther Johnsen, Coordinator and digital area
Magnus Jákupsson, Board member

Jákup Jacobsen
Jógvan Clementsen
Niclas Olsen
Isaac Giesen

Voluntary helpers
Jógvan Martin Joensen, writer and proof reader, English
Pætur Hjalmar Evensson, writer and prrof reader, Faroese

Please read more about our legal documents and conditions here: 

Rowing is tough; we luckily, all of us has years of experience, even in tough weather. This picture shows the harshness of the sea in extreme weather, that can be expected anytime when rowing.

One of our organisations partner building a water well in Somalia, that will help around 3000 people for years to come.