Non-profit organisation providing water to Africa.
+45 53 83 95 00 [email protected]


Jákup Jacobsen, Jógvan Clementsen, Niclas Olsen, Isaac Giesen

Terms and conditions

These terms and conditions apply to all donations paid on and through the website under the web domain: Cookies and other collectible information is defined in the following section as well.

About Row For Water

CVR-nummer: 39297043

Organisations name: Row For Water

Adress: Bellahøjvej 132, st. th, 2720 Vanløse

Telefon nummer +45 53 83 95 00

Email: [email protected]

Conditions & Purchase Conditions

By donating through credit card you have a 14-day cancellation right, only by request to [email protected] Please note, that these request are only processed through normal working hours in Denmark (Mon-fri 10-15 CET), and only through email.

The currency we work in is Danish Krones (DKK), but other currencies are accepted through our donation system, such as € Euros.

We do not sell any products, we are only collection donations, and therefore there is no service or product sent to you. We do send confirmation of your donation, and we keep a log of everyone who has donated, and plan in the very near future to display your first name, if you haven’t explicitly written to us, that you want it to be anonymized.

We accept the following payment methods.

JCB, Mastercard, Visa and MobilePay

Delivery Terms

Row For Water do not provide any physical or digital products. We only collect donations towards charity organisations. You will however receive an confirmation, when the payment transfer has been completed.

Registration of information

Row For Water registers entered information in connection with the donation. The information is not disclosed with 3rd parties, but Row For Water saves the information for five years in connection with the account management. Row For Water collects cookies, that are used to record which choices the user makes on the page, but isn’t disclosed with 3rd parties. When paying by credit card, registration is made via a secure Quickpays server, where the information is encrypted. Read more about their safety here: .